A Trip to Dune (a.k.a. Jockey Ridge State Park)

You don’t need to go to planet Arrakis to see great sand dunes. The largest dunes on the east coast are just a 20 minute drive south at Jockey Ridge State Park in Nags Head. At times reaching 100 feet high with the right wind conditions, a walk up the dunes rewards you with a great view of both the Atlantic Ocean and Roanoke Sound. Be sure to also bring a kite along!

For the more adventurous, channel your inner Wilbur (or Orville) Wright and take a hang gliding lesson at the park through Kitty Hawk Kites.

With a 24 hour advanced notice, the park staff will drive those who need assistance to the top of the dune in an all-terrain vehicle. Please make reservations with the Park Office.  For more information on the park, what to bring and wear, see the Jockey Ridge State Park website.

Think Beach!


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